Inspired by Love

Holy Land Trust works to build communities of trust and respect.

  • We travel and encourage others to go to bare witness and meet those who are marginalized and oppressed, carry their untold stories out in the world, and organize for a better future for all.
  • We create a space for all internationals to come and learn about the political, cultural, religious maps of the land.
  • We teach to help build communities where love, peace, justice, and equality are at their core. As a research center, we have learned and developed the tools to help those in need to address the daily challenges of violence they face. From personal transformation, spiritual awakening, nonviolent resistance, communication skills, trauma healing work – we want to serve by teaching as we continue to learn.
  • We open space for the healing of the historical wounds and narratives that have shaped us to live in fear, separation, and victimization.
  • We open up space for new visions of the future to become possible, visions that are not embedded in fear but are motivated by seeing the other as the same.

We celebrate diversity

Every year we have thousands of individuals and groups from around the world that come through Holy Land Trust to take our tours, receive our programing and engage in community transformation. Come join us!

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