“Jesus traveled throughout the region of Galilee, teaching in the synagogues and announcing the Good News about the Kingdom. And he healed every kind of disease and illness.” Matthew 4:23


  • We travel and encourage others to travel to bear witness and meet those who are marginalized, especially those who are marginalized from the mainstream and whose voices are not heard. This walking can be literally or figuratively. We want to hear what motivates people to think and behave the way they do. Meeting and listening does not justify or excuse behavior; it give us an opportunity to see what is behind the act.

  • We also create opportunities for others to travel, meet, and bear witness to the peoples, politics, traditions, and culture of the land. Our immersion programs for internationals invite them to come and learn about the political, cultural, religious maps of the land,
  • We teach in order to help build communities where love, peace, justice and equality are at their core. As a research center we have learned and developed many tools to help those in need address the daily challenges of violence they face. From personal transformation, spiritual awakening, nonviolent resistance, communication skills, trauma healing work in personal and collective setting. We want to serve by teaching as we continue to learn.

  • We open space for the healing of the historic wounds and narratives that have shaped us to live in fear, separation, and victimization. Healing is the first and maybe the biggest step to liberation. Healing the wounds of the oppressed and the oppressor are key to releasing them from the constraints that do not allow them to see a vision of real peace. Fear has become the biggest motivator in the world today; those who fear and hold power become the most violent.

  • We open up space for new visions of the future to become possible, visions that are not embedded in fear but are motivated by seeing the other as the same. We seek to support leaders who will announce the good news of a vision of the Holy Land where all are recognized as equal in all aspects of their lives, human, civil, and political.



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