To foster understanding, healing, transformation, and empowerment of communities in order to address through nonviolence the core challenges that are preventing the achievement of a just peace in the Holy Land.


Holy Land Trust is guided by:

  • NONVIOLENCE: We are guided by a deep commitment to nonviolence as a strategic and holistic means to resolving all conflicts, to resisting all forms of oppression and structures of power; and to give voice to the marginalized and the weak.

  • UNDERSTANDING TRAUMA: We are guided by a belief that healing collective and inherited traumas is a key to peacemaking. Motivation by fear will never lead to peace. Fear only enhances and strengthens structures of control, separation and segregation; thus violence

  • PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION: We are guided by the understanding that all decisions we make are motivated by our past experiences. Leaders make decisions that affect hundreds of thousands, if not millions. We seek leadership that honors, respects, and learns from the past, but is aware that it can make decisions based on the future it seeks and not the past it experienced.   

  • AWARENESS AND ADVOCACY: We are guided by a belief that while ending the occupation and injustice is the responsibility of the local communities, we recognize that the global community is also accountable. Major global decisions and policies have affected and continue to affect this region. Coming, learning, serving, building knowledge and advocating for peace and justice when returning home is a key for helping us achieve peace and justice.



A lasting and just peace in the Holy Land that transcends political solutions, and directly addresses the core causes of fear, violence, and oppression. A peace founded on honoring the dignity and rights of all peoples and the sanctity of the Holy Land where all individuals and communities live in equality, justice, respect, and trust .

For our Vision we are guided by:

  • A belief in a lasting and just peace in the Holy Land.

  • A vision that believes that all the communities that live in the Holy Land can live in dignity, equality, and respect.

  • A belief that every human being, no matter what their religious, social, economic, cultural, sexual, or political orientation is, has the right to live in freedom, dignity and respect.  

  • A belief that the Holy Land is holy to three beautiful religions that have a history to celebrate, a present to live, and a future to unfold in this land.

  • A belief that one day this land will be a model of diversity and justice.

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