Holy Land Trust is neither a political nor a religious organization; we aspire to learn from the spiritual teachings and values of all faiths and traditions that bring unity to the human family and closeness to the Creator.We seek to practice and live a life motivated by unconditional love and not fear. We believe in the possibility of truth and goodness between all people, and their ability to relate to each other with empathy and compassion.

We do not promote any political agenda, we recognize that the entire Holy Land is holy for all the people that live in it. The land should not be divided and separated and the peoples of the land must not be segregated from each other out of fear and racism.

While we realize that there has to be a political framework at the end of the day, we engage understanding the core and deeper issues that prevent a real and just peace from being realized. While many want to build the house, we want to help in building the foundation.

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