We are individuals on a journey, coming together (from diverse backgrounds and experiences) realizing that nothing offered so far by the political powers to end the occupation and injustices in this land has worked.  

We come together knowing that there is a paradigm shift that needs to take place in our consciousness in order or us to see, understand, and transform conflicts so that a real lasting and just peace in the Holy Land can be achieved.  

We see ourselves as a laboratory of deep research and engagement, learning to understand and heal our deep personal and collective wounds, developing nonviolent strategies and tools to end the occupation, and manifesting a vision of peace where all are seen and treated as equal in this land.

We are committed to peace and justice in the Holy Land founded on principles of justice, equality and respect to all. Some have referred to us as a laboratory, others as an ashram. In esense, we are believes that nonviolence, healing and transformation have in them the key to the future.

Staff and board

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