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Home Rebuilding 2019


House Rebuilding 2019 The Khyara family realized their lifelong dream in 2017 when, after years of saving and help from family members, they were able to build a home for their family. In a few short months, on September 3, 2018, the Israeli military rolled through the village of al-Walaji and demolished their home, leaving Khalid Abu Khyara, his wife, and their three small girls homeless.   "As Palestinians, there is little room for us to build a life on our ancestral lands. Year after year, Israel passes new laws against us, they change the borders of our lands, [...]

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Home Rebuilding 2017


House Rebuilding 2017For many Palestinian communities, the family is the center of life. It represents a communal system where each individual member helps to contribute to financial and material ways to make the whole family function. It isn't uncommon for brothers, sisters, uncles, and aunts all give monetarily for weddings and building new homes. It is also common practice to build buildings that can house the entire family, both out of practice and out of necessity. So in many cases, when the Israeli military demolishes a house, it isn't just impacted the nuclear family, the entirety of the extended family [...]

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Home Rebuilding 2015


House Rebuilding 2015 Rebuilding the home of Yacoub Aby Nawa in the al-Aroub refugee camp, was impactful, because the Nawa family had their home demolished multiple times before. For the world, this story embodied the Palestinian concept of Sumud.  “There is a beautiful Arabic word ‘Sumud’ which translates roughly as steadfastness. It has come to embody the idea of resisting the occupation by remaining on the land, despite the intense pressure to leave. We love the idea that existing is resisting and are committed to standing alongside our Palestinian brothers and sisters as they choose to remain.” explains Nive, [...]

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Home Rebuilding 2013


House Rebuilding 2013Israel’s methodical implementation of settler-colonial policies almost broke the family of Abed al-Qaisi from Battier. The Israeli military had set a curfew for the West Bank and anyone who roamed the streets would most likely be shot. Their 5-year-old boy had a temperature of over 104 degrees. His helpless mother, without transportation, had decided to carry her son to a hospital in Bethlehem. She was met by soldiers at an outpost, where they threatened to shoot her if she did not return to her home. Upon her refusal, the soldiers shot around her to frighten her into returning [...]

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Home Rebuilding 2012


House Rebuilding 2012 In 2012 again we partnered with Hope Equals to provide some much-needed relief to Omar Salem Hijazi family and their eight children.  The Hijazi family lives in the Wadi Rahal area, south of Bethlehem - an area that the settlers from Efrat have been targeting for expansion for years. Their life was in shambles, barely being able to provide the basic necessity for children, such as food and water - let alone adequate living space.  Isolated out in the villages of Bethlehem, with a lack of medical facilities and imposed freedom of movement that the Israeli [...]

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Home Rebuilding 2011


House Rebuilding 2011 During the Nakba, Jewish paramilitary forces razed hundreds and hundreds of indigenous towns and villages, displace some 750,000 Palestinians during the creation of the state of Israel. Recognizing the horror and illegitimate means of taking over land by driving out the local population, the international community enshrined the “Right of Return” for the Palestinian refugee community into law. Since 1948, it has been the dream of every Palestinian to return back to their ancestral land, to leave a life of perpetual refugee status, and carry on with their family history, tradition and culture. There are millions [...]

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Home Rebuilding 2010


House Rebuilding 2010In 2010 Holy Land Trust partnered with Hope Equals, which at the time was a project of the Christian Reformed World Mission in Grand Rapids. Facing a financial short-fall, Holy Land Trust managed to finance the reconstruction of Munther Salem's home in al-Waliji. Nonetheless, we rebuilt a large section of the home that was partially destroyed by the Israeli military. The demolition of Munther Salem's home was a partial demolition, under the pretext that he wasn't allowed to add much additional living space to his expanding family needs. In developing the partnership with Hope Equals, this opened up [...]

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Home Rebuilding 2009


House Rebuilding 2009 Rizek Suleiman Salah is one of the many Palestinians whose homes were razed during the annexation of key swathes of land as Israel built the Apartheid Wall. Living in the town of Al-Khader, just outside of Bethlehem city, the Israeli military demolished his home twice, once in 1997, then again in 2003. Rizik and his wife Seaham had at the time six children together and with his mother all 9 of them live together in one room, sharing one kitchen and one bathroom.  From that point on, until Holy Land Trust alongside the international community rebuilt [...]

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Home Rebuilding 2008


House Rebuilding 2008On March 31, 2005, the Israeli military demolished the home of Walid Ahour. But more than losing his home, he lost his child.When the Israeli forces arrived to demolish their home, Walid's wife, Abir, was alone. She was in the ninth month of her pregnancy. By herself, she was forced to try to salvage the inside belonging of the home: the furniture, precious photos, jewelry - everything that turns a house into a home. Or she could have let it all be destroyed with the rest of the house. Abir pleaded with the soldiers telling them, "I can't [...]

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