Olive Harvest

Olive Harvest

Olive harvesting is more than an agricultural practice in the Holy Land; it is a season of where we celebrate culture, tradition and reconnection to our indigenous generations who have planted, tended to and harvested the same olive trees centuries before us. This autumn, join local families in harvesting olives under the pleasant sun and experience why so many people plan their holidays around this special time of the year.

Our tours will intersperse olive harvesting with tours and cultural experiences in and around the Bethlehem district, helping our participants further understand the importance of olive trees to the local communities in the Holy Land.

Each year during the olive harvest many settlers and/or Israeli military attack farmers, destroy trees, and even steal olives after they have been collected, making the Palestinian farmers fear for their livelihood.

As a nonviolent response to the consistent interruptions to the olive harvest, Holy Land Trust and its partners are committed to assisting farmers during the harvest each year. Holy Land Trust locates farmers who live in fear of their harvest being disrupted, typically farmers who have been attacked in the past, and connects them with international volunteers, in order to provide them with assistance during the harvest. International volunteers partner with HLT staff, and the farmer and their family to assist with their harvest each year.

The Olive Harvest is coming up in October and we will need your help and support! It would be amazing if you could come and help us on the ground! You can join us, and together we can protect the farmers and assist them with the Olive Harvest. If you or a delegation are interested in volunteering during the upcoming Olive Harvest, please contact our Travel department at encounter@holylandtrust.org. If you are not able to come volunteer, don’t worry, we still need your help! You can support this project and Holy Land Trust by making a donation on our Donation page, liking our Facebook page by clicking here and by spreading the word to your community about the situation and how Holy Land Trust is making an impact.