Home Rebuilding

Home Rebuilding

A home is at the safe space, the shelter, and center of the individual, family, cultural, social, and national identity. The frequent threatening and destruction of homes by the Israeli military occupation has been one of the greatest catastrophes for Palestinians. It is not only material, but traumatic, humiliating and insulting at every level.  

Since the establishment of the travel office at Holy Land Trust, rebuilding these homes has been one of our  most important and enduring programs. Join with others to learn the story of families we committed to rebuilding their homes, to work side by side in nonviolence and resilience to restore something so central to their lives, and experience the sense of accomplishment that comes when you join together for the sake of others.

We challenge the injustice of home demolitions, deepen our understanding of the situation and build deep and lasting relationships with the communities we become part of.

To date we have rebuilt 9 demolished homes in Palestine. These projects were funded entirely by donations from our international friends and led by our parents and friends in  Amos Trust in the UK. The raised funds to cover the cost of building materials and recruited the participants that traveled to Palestine to work as laborers during the build. These volunteers raised further funds to pay the wages of local, professional builders.


Holy Land Trust and its partners are committed to rebuilding at least one demolished home each year. Holy Land Trust finds a family who has been devastated and traumatized by the demolition of their home and connects them with international financial donors and volunteers. International volunteers partner with HLT staff, the family, the larger community and local craftsmen to construct the new homes

Video Link : https://travelandencounter.holylandtrust.org/resisting-the-occupation-restoring-48c5a815bc25