Fair Trade Souvenirs: Sustainable Support with HLT


Partnering for Souvenir Impact: HLT and BFTA's Empowerment Journey

  1. Partnership between HLT and BFTA: The partnership between Holy Land Trust (HLT) and BFTA is rooted in a shared belief in the transformative power of art and culture. By working together, we aim to amplify the voices of marginalized artisans, especially women, and promote their unique craft traditions to a global audience. Together, we are creating a sustainable model that supports local communities and promotes peace and understanding.
  2. Economic Development: Our online shop plays a crucial role in the economic development of Bethlehem by supporting local artisans, especially women, who are the backbone of their families and communities. Through your purchases, you contribute directly to sustaining livelihoods and stimulating the local economy, particularly important during challenging times.
  3. Fair Trade: We are committed to promoting fair trade practices through our partnership with Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisana (BFTA), the first guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) in Palestine. By choosing fair trade products, you ensure that artisans receive fair wages and work in safe conditions, promoting social and environmental sustainability.
  4. Women Empowerment: Our partnership with BFTA focuses on empowering women artisans, providing them with a platform to showcase their talents and become financially independent. Your support not only helps these women support their families but also empowers them to take an active role in their communities and create job opportunities for others.