Become a Partner Organization

At the heart of Holy Land Trust’s model of peacemaking is building community. Communities of trust and respect are essential in creating sustained change, not just in the Holy Land, but the world over.

While we believe that ending oppression and building a vision of peace and justice for the future is the role of the local indigenous communities, we see a very important role that your organization, religious or educational institute can play in creating awareness, advocacy and engage in activism locally and globally. 

While Holy Land Trust’s work is centered geographically in the Holy Land, we approach violence recognizing that our shared oppression is intertwined and that our collective liberation makes us dependent on each other.

What do our partners do:

  • Help us promote our vision for peace and justice throughout their networks.
  • Promote our travel and encounter programs to their local groups.
  • Arrange for us to speak and hold trainings in your circles.
  • Fundraise for our sustainability and our programs.
  • Partner with us in some of our work for peace and justice.
  • Exchange material, expertise, and experiences with us.

Entering into partnership means not only sharing that vision for an altogether different future, a future of peace and justice, but it means engaging in radical change.

If you have a vision for peace, we want to explore how we can deepen our relationships to expand the movement in pragmatic and principled ways.

Reach out to us today to start a conversation on how we can work together towards a global vision of peace and justice.

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