Being involved in tangible ways on the ground is one of the most crucial steps you can take to gaining a full understanding of the dynamics that have long underpinned the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Over the last 20 years, Holy Land Trust has methodically crafted specialized tours to meet the demands and needs of every organization and individual.


In the springtime we open up our Iktashef program, a month-long immersive journey across the historical lands, we open the discussion on the history, culture, politics, and spirituality of this land through meetings with the leading NGO’s, community leaders, and local families. Within this experience, you travel from the southern areas of the Gaza Strip and the South Hebron Hills, to the north and visit Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Nazareth. While you can invaluable experiences by traversing the length and breadth of the land, the power comes from going back home at the end of the day and unpacking your time with your Palestinian host family. We have facilitated thousands of experiences like this and almost every single participant said that staying with Palestinian families have been key to their experience.

Bethlehem Live

Over 20,000 from the world over flock to the little town of Bethlehem for Bethlehem Live, a weekend-long cultural extravaganza that opens up the Old City for music, art, food, and revitalization. If you are an inspiring artist, whether it be music, dance, theatre, sculpture or other forms of creative expression - we have a space for you. It’s because of this openness to bring a large section of the global community into the old streets of Jesus’s historical birthplace that Bethlehem Live has become one of the largest cultural events in all of the Middle East. In this space, you will be a part of a sprawling global movement of uniting voices calling for equality and justice for all.

Olive Harvest

Olive harvest is a sacred time of the year for Palestinians. Their connection to the land is symbolized with the harvest. Every year, children tend to the lands that their families have resided on for hundreds of years, harvesting the hard work of generations and generations. While your program focuses on giving back to the Palestinian communities sprinkled across the West Bank whose lands are at risk from Israeli annexation, we make sure to give a broader view of the conflict by setting up meetings with the area’s leading professionals from the NGO community.

Amos Trust House Rebuilding (bi-annual)

In partnership with Amos Trust, Holy Land Trust rebuilds a Palestinian home that was destroyed as a result of the conflict. Amos Home Rebuild trips are an opportunity to bring hope to a Palestinian family and community by helping them to rebuild their demolished home. We challenge the injustice of home demolitions, deepen our understanding of the situation and build deep and lasting relationships with the communities we live with and become part of during each rebuild.

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