Organize a Talk in your Area

We would love to come and speak to you

In building relationships, it is always important that we spend time together, share, and talk about our challenges and find ways to empower each other along the long journey. And while a big part of relationships starts here on the ground, with thousands of people walking through the doors of Holy Land Trust, not everyone is presented with the opportunity to come to this land and meet the people and here our stories in person.

Inviting Holy Land Trust Director, Sami Awad or one of the other staff members  into your community is a great way to bring our message of peace, reconciliation, and justice into your networks and broaden the movement.

Sami Awad, for example, offers talks on understanding the roots of the conflict and what is needed to move forward, helps Christians to find their Jesus centered approach to understanding and engaging in peace work in the Holy Land and in their communities, and hold tasters and/or full trainings in the nonlinear personal transformation methodology that opens up the space for individuals to engage in making the impossible possible in their personal and organizational life.

Hosting an event may sound like a big chore, but it’s not. What we usually do is plan way in advance, get several other individuals, institutions, and organizations to help organize as well. Because our network is so broad geographically, the chances are likely there are Holy Land Trust supporters near your community to help out. Nobody is every alone in organizing and it’s important to remember that.

If you're interested in organizing a Holy Land Trust speaking event, please contact us and we begin making the next steps.


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