Holy Land Pilgrimage: March 2022


Holy Land Trust is excited to announce our first travel opportunity in almost two years. Tentatively scheduled for March 19-29 2022, we will be facilitating a Spiritual Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Like previous Holy Land Trust pilgrimages, this will be a trip of a lifetime focusing on spiritual, historical, and cultural emersion. Contemplative guidance, meditative insights, and historical context will be provided throughout the journey as we walk in the footsteps "literally" of Jesus.

What to Expect

For many, a pilgrimage to the Holy Land is a life-changing affirmation of one's faith journey. Our tours provide critical theological considerations and new questions about how the life of Christ applies to the individual and our communities today.

As you experience this enchanted land, you can expect the following:

  • Explore and experience all the essential Holy Land sites. 
  • Gain a fresh and profound understanding of the Bible and the life of Jesus. 
  • Meet and learn from Israeli and Palestinians working for peace and justice in the Holy Land.
  • Make unlikely and lifelong friendships and learn that we are more alike than different.
  • Experience a more informed and richer spirituality. 
  • Partake in some fantastic cuisine – particularly home-cooked meals!



Why Go on a Spiritual Pilgrimage?

The origins of the Christian faith are not found in the midwestern United States or any mega-church or the Bible belt. It's not found in a specific theology or biblical interpretation. It's not found in charismatic preachers or sermons. The origins of the Christian faith are found on dusty roads and alleyways in Nazareth, Jerusalem, and along the shores of the Sea of Galilee by a man who walked there two thousand years ago. The life, teachings, and resurrection of Jesus, the Christ, born in Bethlehem, are the foundations of the Christian Faith. 

To truly appreciate the origins of this beautiful faith expression, one must walk in the Holy Land, experience "the Fifth Gospel" of pilgrimage, meet and engage with the local people, the "living stones" of the Holy Land. This is far more than an inspiring tour; it's a rite of passage in one's faith journey that will define life before and after.


Reserve Your Spot!

We are working with our US partner Holy Land 360, to facilitate booking and travel arrangements. If you are interested, contact Holy Land 360 to learn more about trip details, itineraries and to book the tour.

Consider joining us for this life-transforming trip to the Holy Land!



holy-land-trust-about-elias-deis2.pngElias Deis - Executive Director
Holy Land Trust’s E.D., Elias Deis has worked for over a decade at Holy Land Trust. He was formally the Travel & Encounter Program Director and serves on the Beit Sahour City Council.

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