Our Work

Cultivating peace, justice, healing & transformation.

Holy Land Trust’s passion is to see a lasting and just peace in the Holy Land grounded by honoring the dignity and rights of all peoples. Our desire is to realize a global peacemaking movement founded on the power of love and transformation, where all people live in justice, equality, respect, and peace. We believe in the sanctity of the Holy Land and desire to see it one day as a model of peace and justice throughout the world. We work towards this by engaging in the deep work of discovering, exposing, and resisting the foundational reasons fear and conflict. This includes healing work, nonviolent activism, as well as facilitating an environment of personal transformation.

Areas of Focus

Personal Transformation

We believe that collective transformation starts with individuals transforming themselves to engage in making the impossible possible.

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Healing Trauma

Holy Land Trust thoroughly explores and addresses the root causes of fear and hatred, confronting their power.

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Nonviolent Activism

We are fully committed to Nonviolence as a means to resisting oppression and creating a community structurally and spiritually founded on nonviolent principles.

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Friendship Across Borders

By bringing global leaders to engage in understanding and healing, we bring attention to how historic inherited narratives of trauma shape identity and define how we relate to each other.

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Home Rebuilding

Over the last ten years, Israel has demolished over 6,000 Palestinian homes and structures, negatively impacting over 100,000 men, women, and children.

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Identity is what defines us, connection is what strengthens us. Played a leading role in nonviolent activism and direct action.

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