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June Tour 2020

JUNE 15 – JUNE 29, 2020

This tour connects our participants to the deep history of the Holy Land through the intimate sharing of the local people. This intimate context provides a broader canvas of understanding when we visit the historical site, engage with the cultural performances, and civic and religious leaders.

For many, these tours a life-changing experience, not just by traveling the ancient lands and unpacking the legendary stories that have shaped it, but the deep relationships you make with people unfurl a completely different way of life than our own.

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July Tour 2020

JULY 10-21, 2020

This is a tour about exploring the spiritual underpinnings of the land, how geography, history, and culture has shaped personal understandings of life and God.

Through this tour you will have the space to engage with the locals in authentic ways to come to a deeper understanding of what the Holy Land has meant to them and how they see God’s role in bringing us together through love.

This series of exploring space, history, and culture is the essential trip for building a deeper faith.

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Additional Tours

Olive Harvest

Join us in the Palestinian communities during this sacred time. Stand in solidarity with the local villages as they harvest their crops. 

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This summer-long journey is specifically geared for those looking for a deeper investment into the dynamics shaping the Holy Land. 

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House Rebuilding

We are called to be a light. Rebuilding a home for a Palestinian family is a tangible way you can give hope for all future generations. 

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Christian Pilgrimage

For many, a chance to visit the Holy Land on a pilgrimage and walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ represents a turning point in their spiritual journey.

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Fact-Finding Tour

Our 14-day Fact-Finding Tour gives you a schedule with meeting with religious leaders, politicians, and community activists tools for peacemaking.

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Meet the staff

Elias Deis
Executive Director
Holy Land Trust’s E.D., Elias Deis has worked for over a decade at Holy Land Trust. He was formally the Travel & Encounter Program Director and serves on the Beit Sahour City Council.
Lara Mitri
BLF Director
Lara Mitri is the Bethlehem Live Festival Director, ensuring that the festival creates an inclusive space that promotes a message of social justice on a global scale.
Said Zarzar
Creative Manager
Said Zarzar is the Creative Manager of Holy Land Trust, organizing the event planning for Bet Lahem Live, as well as the lead coordinator for the Travel & Encounter Department.
Sami Awad
Sami Awad
Founder | Programs Developer
Sami Awad, the founder and former executive director of Holy Land Trust, has spent a lifetime working the infield of community development and leadership training.

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