Climate & Customs

Climate & Customs

The most beautiful sunsets and sunrises are in the Holy Land. The most beautiful sunsets and sunrises are in the Holy Land.

Is it hot or cold in Palestine? Find out here.

Bethlehem has a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and cold winters. Winter temperatures (mid-December to mid-March) can be cold and rainy. January is the coldest month, with temperatures ranging from 1 to 13 degrees Celsius (33 to 55 °F). From May through September, the weather is warm and sunny. August is the hottest month, with a high of 30 degrees Celsius (81 °F).

Bethlehem’s average annual relative humidity is 60%, which reaches its highest rates between January and February. Humidity levels are at their lowest in May. Night dew may occur in up to 180 days per year. The city is influenced by the Mediterranean Sea breeze that occurs around mid-day. However, Bethlehem is affected also by annual waves of hot, dry, sandy and dusty winds from the Arabian Desert during April, May and mid-June.

What Should I Wear?

Fairly modest dress, for both sexes, is recommended when exploring further into the city. (For example, revealing items of clothing, such as shorts or leggings, may not be considered appropriate by the local residents.)


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